I recently (a few months ago) came across a new lifestyle clothing brand that has absolutely captured my attention and made a devoted fan out of me. The brand is Roark, and the unique mix of marketing, storytelling and product development is to a level that few brands have ever achieved. Unfortunately for my wallet, this has led to multiple filled carts and purchases in only a few short months. They have cracked the code on authenticity and aspiration and have done so in a way that speaks to a certain consumer and to no one else; something that is becoming more and more relevant as we continue to progress further into the digital age. The brand celebrates adventurers through a fabled character named Roark. They describe him as follows: he’s the bar-brawling adventurer that disappears into Mexico for six months camping, only to surface in Paris drinking Bordeaux with a diplomat’s daughter.

The gang of founders follows Roark around and creates unique clothing collections inspired by their adventures. Check out the excerpt from their website and admire the latest film below.

“Each season we find Roark in a different part of the world, telling stories of his exploits within our product, on social platforms and in a printed book at retail. Inspired by the culture and climate of Roark’s destination, we produce two collections per year of clothing, luggage and trinkets - the artifacts of adventure. The product and stories we create empower people to discover self through authentic, irreverent, dangerous and purposeful adventure on the road less traveled.”



Austin Smith and Curtis Ciszek have been two of my favorite athletes for some time now. Not only for their skills on boards of all types (snow, skate, and surf) but for their overall passion for life and adventure. Austin has made some interesting choices when it comes to where he lives from time to time. Last winter it was living in a 1953 GMC converted firetruck (check it out here.) This time around it was a trip to Mexico that spurred a decision to create a mobile surf house out of an old box truck. Lucky for us he understands the content game and documented the process for our viewing pleasure. This is something I would like to do in the next few years. Mostly because the thought of Pacificos, morning beach breaks and ripping around on a little 100CC motorcycle sounds like a dream, not to mention the thought of using it to camp out in resort parkign lots waiting for powder days. Enjoy the video below. 




I am a big fan of the Xgames "Real" series and the snow series just dropped. Its a simple concept; one season, one rider-filmer duo, one 90 second edit. Take a look at the edits here. My vote was for Frank Bourgeios. 



Going into this years olympics majority of my interest was focused on two sports, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. The first being due to a former high-school class mate being the favorite US cross country skier for a gold medal. Jessie Diggins went to Stillwater Area High School with me and graduated in 2010. After graduation she was thrown right into the world of competitive cross country skiing. It was cool to see the focus on her leading up to and during the olympics. After a few close finishes in her first few races she and her relay partner Kikkan Randall became not only the first US cross country team to receive gold in the olympics but the first women to do so, ultimately dethroning the Swedish and Norwegian powerhouses. The win has created a major buzz around our home state of Minnesota. Jessie continues to be a great representative of our state and country and I see her having a long and successful career in the sport. Go Jessie, Go!

See her post interview here:

The second of my interests should come as no surprise, snowboarding. The conclusion I can make at the end of the olympics about how snowboarding was represented was that it was a true spectacle for non-core fans while on the contrary to those close to the sport it was a frustrating display of the direction competitive snowboarding is going (save the performance by Red Gerard in the Slopestyle finals). Triple corks, quads and 1620's became the norm for those competing to have a chance at the podium. Unfortunately this left no room for style in the games which is what most of us can truly appreciate as it separates riders from one another, hence the term "style is king". Ultimately this years olympics left me less excited for future games and builds a greater gap between snowboard competition and snowboard films. At this rate, I'll stick to the films. 


THANK You Red Gerard

A 17 year old from Silverthorne Colorado just did what was needed for the sport of snowboarding and he may not even know it yet. If you have been watching slopestyle at X-Games and the Olympics you have seen it turn into an absolute pissing match to see who can land the cleanest line of switch 1260, 1440 triple cork and yet another 1440 triple cork. Although it is cool to see these riders progress the sport my enjoyment watching the competition is recessing. There are a few reasons (1) I know what their lines are before they even do them and (2) the tricks they are doing require the perfect jump, perfect conditions, years and years of personal training. I can fully accept that I will never be able to do any of those tricks but the fact that there is really no style in the competition anymore is a bummer. Insert Red. He took a completely different line than anyone, had a hit off the hip with a smooth boned out grab, nailed his big spins with clean landings and was just having a good time. He was not frustrated on his first two runs after falling. He is in it for the fun of it. See his run below and check out the articles below.

The first U.S. gold medal of the 2018 WInter Olympics was won by 17-year-old Red Gerard, who went from last place to first place on his final run to win the men's snowboard slopestyle final.

Take a look at the articles here from OnBoard Mag:

Why You Can Do A Pentacork And Noone Fucking Cares: https://onboardmag.com/features/can-pentacork-no-one-fucking-cares.html

Why Red Gerard's Win Is Good For Snowboarding: https://onboardmag.com/news/snowboarding-events/red-gerards-win-good-snowboarding.html#U0u0IiFS2fGfz7sD.97


2019 TRD Pro Launch

For anyone that knows me, they know I am a huge 4Runner fan. I have owned my 2005 SR5 for almost 4 years now and have been strategically enhancing it to match the look and performance of the TRD Pro 4Runner. Friday morning marked the long anticipated and sufficiently teased launch of the all new 2019 Toyota TRD Pro lineup at the Chicago Auto Show. Not a huge change from the previous year models. Big updates include all-new Fox Shocks suspension, new Rigid Industries LED fog lights, a desert air snorkel (Tacoma) and a new stock roof rack (4Runner).

See the launch video and unveiling videos below.

The pulse-pounding, heart-racing TRD Pro Series from Toyota returns for its next generation of off-road dominance. For 2019, Tundra, 4Runner and Tacoma will all feature Fox shocks and a host of impressive off-road equipment tuned and designed by the engineers at Toyota Racing Development (TRD).
Straight from the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, our director of vehicle testing, Dan Edmunds, explores the TRD Pro packages offered on the 2019 Toyota Tundra, 4Runner and Tacoma vehicles. The 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro makes its return after a quiet absence in 2018, during which its suspension was fortified with massive Fox internal-bypass shocks and BBS forged wheels.




Arthur Longo (@arthur_longo) does it again with Side Hit Euphoria, Chapter 2. There is something about his style that pleases me. One thing is apparent and that is that he has a blast while riding. Check out chapter 2 below:

Resort riding, side hits, random stuff on the slopes... Same story as the first chapter. Oli and I filmed everything we found on our way during our last snowboard trips in December. We rode around Vancouver, Mount Seymour, Laax and Arêches-Beaufort. Thank you for watching and have fun riding!

And if you missed Chapter 1....

This is Chapter one of Side Hits Euphoria. Oli (Gittler) and I have always wanted to showcase our favorite thing to ride, random poppers and stuff on the side of slopes. We spent some time this season capturing the treasures of the resorts. Check it out and have fun on any bit of snow you come across!




Another awesome edit fro JP Schlick. This makes me want to ride Mt. Bachelor with my best friends more than you know. Can't wait to make it out there. 

Because the beginning of the '17-'18 season has been a whole lotta lemons. Filmed at Mt. Bachelor. riders JONNY SISCHO WILLIS GRIGSBY RANDAL SEATON TEDDY SHINE ALEX KOLLAR JUSTIN SAMPSON BRIAN ZAGER filmed and edited by JP SCHLICK music METAL - FEWS



Good track, good turns, good filming. Stoke is high for Japan 2019. Check out the latest from Korua Shapes.

Carve Oddity is a collection of favourite moments from the 16/17 season – including, but not limited to – riding deep powder in the forests of Japan, going on weekend mini-missions to find new zones at tiny Swiss resorts, slashing chunky slush in the halfpipe and wave-park up in LAAX, and finding surprisingly good powder in the Engadin valley late in the season. Despite difficult snow conditions we managed to have a whole lot of fun doing what we enjoy most: simply snowboarding. Featuring: Nicholas Wolken, James Niederberger, Atsufumi Mizuno, Thomas Stöckli, Aaron Schwartz, Raphael Rocha, Stephan Maurer and Luca Crivelli Filmed by: Stephan Maurer, Aaron Schwartz and Thomas Stöckli Editing by: Stephan Maurer Graphics: Aaron Schwartz Music Supervisor: Florent De Maria / MIDNIGHT Music Music: "Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) Director's Cut" (Pierre Schilling) © Peer Musikverlag GmbH / Ⓟ Major Ton Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von / courtesy of Peer Musikverlag GmbH und Peer-Southern Productions GmbH www.facebook.com/koruashapes www.instagram.com/korua_shapes www.koruashapes.com


Now that it is finally above 0° we hit up Minnehaha Off Leash Dog Park for a morning of running and playing with new friends.