BFGOODRICH KM3 LAUNCH - What are you building For?

June 2018

Imagine launching a tire over 10 years in the making. That was the case for the very recent launch of BFGoodrich's Mud Terrain KM3. The new brother to the infamous KM2. The importance of this launch meant we had to be smart with what we were saying, who we were talking to, where we were going to show up and when we were going to show up. So to kick of the project I picked up the phone, opened a few hundred webpages and hit the trail in order to immerse myself in the off-road and overland cultures. The insights gained from immersion led to the development of the campaign strategy including messaging, channel and communication plan, social engagement, digital ads, influencer engagement and more. Everything kicked off on June 1st and I couldn't be more stoked to see work hitting the market. See the campaign video below. 

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2018 Supra Boats | Legacies Are Built On Passion

August 2017

Client: Supra Boats

When it comes to wakeboard towboats no manufacturer crafts a better boat than Supra. This obsession with precision and quality puts these boats into a truly aspirational segment of the market and owning a Supra becomes a crowning achievement. We wanted to bring this idea into a more personal story with the 2018 brand campaign so we took a look at what owning a Supra means to the consumer. The conclusion we came to after talking with owners and looking at industry reports is that your Supra becomes your legacy, enter "Legacies Are Built on Passion", the 2018 Campaign rally cry. We brought this idea to life through a variety of channels including a brand spot, a high quality catalog, website updates, over 20 product and technology videos, and a suite of social assets. The same campaign was used later for digital and print ads for a national ad campaign. All content was captured over a week in the desert at Lake Mead. Discover your legacy below. 

2018 Moomba Boats | Live For The Life

August 2017

Client: Moomba Boats

In 2018 we worked with Moomba boats to celebrate the core consumer and the lifestyle they work hard to enjoy. A wakeboard board is no small investment and many times these people save up for years and give up the typical family vacations to live this lifestyle. "Live for The Life" became the overall campaign for the 2018 Model Year product launch. After developing a look and feel the team got to work. The capture included a week on location in Tennessee and coming out of it we produced a unique brand spot, a product catalog, a refreshed website, over 20 video assets and a suite of social posts. Later in the year we continued the campaign with digital and print ad executions. Take a look into the lifestyle below. 

Crestliner 2017 Brand Video "Live For The Water"

January 2017

Client: Crestliner

In the last few years the amount of content floating around the internet and social media has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. The best performing content has shifted from selling to storytelling. Thats why we worked with Crestliner to make sure their 2017 Brand Video hit the emotions of fisherman and boaters everywhere so they could get excited to get back on the water. We developed a custom track, added sound design and leaned on the amazing content captured over the summer to deliver a simple message, "Live For The Water" that has resonated with consumers and created a buzz around the 2017 lineup that can't be ignored. 


Crestliner 2017 Product Catalogs

January 2017

Client: Crestliner

In the age of digital marketing many brands have decided to part with traditional forms of print advertising by transitioning to digital ads and catalogs. For Crestliner, there are no plans to make a full switch any time soon. Their product catalog continues to be a number one sales driver at Boat Shows and Dealerships all over the world.  With such a vast product line the consumer needs a go-to, tangible piece to help them decide which model is right for them. Thats where we came in. Our challenge was to make a smart, engaging and educational catalog that celebrated each product and told the story of the lineup as a whole. We created a grid system and filled it with stunning photography, engaging content and key product details to lead the consumer to the water. After hitting showroom floors the feedback has been extremely positive and dealers can't wait to get their hands on the next years catalogs. See the catalogs for Fishing Boats and Pontoons Below. 

Handmade Powder Board

November 2016

Personal Project

Over the past couple years the idea of a quiver of boards has made a jump from surfing to snowboarding. Mostly due to a different type of snowboarding more popularly referred to as "snow surfing". The idea of concentrating on turning in deep powder to slash like a surfer on a wave. I have been so intrigued by some of the shapes coming out that I wanted to make my own. After a considerable amount of research on materials and shapes and what they translate to when on the mountain I had a final shape and set to work. It took me about 2 weeks to get everything cut out (including making my own press) and ready for layup. I was extremely happy with how it turned out and it got it's name, Colonel Senders, and debut at Lookout Pass in Northern Idaho with over 30" of fresh. Kowabunga!

Dainese & AGV Marketing Trailer

September 2016

Client: Dainese/AGV

Each year there are hundreds of Motorcycle Shows out on all across the U.S and elsewhere around the world. Among these shows there are hundreds sometimes thousands of brands competing for the attention of the show-goers. The importance of standing out amongst the crowd and making an impression on potential consumers is imperative for brands. Dainese/AGV, makers of high end motorcycle apparel and helmets reached out to us to help them stand out at every show they attend in the U.S and Canada, which is a full time job for their road team. They needed something that was easy to transport, easy to setup, held all of their product and made an impression on site. Our team of designers, fabricators and project/account managers worked together to design and build a one of a kind, custom marketing trailer that could be driven from show to show and set up in under 2 hours. Coming off  fresh rebrand we worked all of the new branding elements onto a beautifully designed trailer that invited consumers in to learn the history of the brand and check out the amazing product. The "Dainese D-Rig" made its debut at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival and was a huge hit, getting an award for best display. It is now on a 1-2 year long travelling tour from show to show. 


Red Bull Snow Boundaries

February 2016

Client: Red Bull

Red Bull approached SixSpeed to help concept and create an event to give back to the snowmobile community of the upper midwest. We answered with Red Bull Snow Boundaries which was a grueling 8-mile loop, in which racers faced an unrelenting onslaught of natural and man-made terrain including tight wooded trails, high-speed swamps, vertical climbs, icy chicanes and big air snocross. I was brought on the team to help with pre-event promotion as well as management of vendor partnerships and medical team. Our pre-event promotion strategy used key influencers in the snowmobile community to get the word out and encourage participation, this included a track preview video which I was in charge of producing. I managed the location scout and selection, videographer outreach, athlete coordination, shot list and script development and post production. We also used a team athletes that were known industry influencers and provided them with the graphics and content to share on their social channels. 

Not only did we want to give riders the ultimate experience but we wanted to give the fans something equally awesome to enjoy. We brought in 20 vendors from the industry to create a vendor village right in site. Vendors included large OEM manufacturers (Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Fox etc.), industry magazines, and smaller local dealerships. Consumers were able to engage with all vendors in a fun, inviting environment between races. Overall the event brought in 250 racers and almost 5,000 spectators. Check out the event recap video below.

Video rights belong to Red Bull.


November 2015

Client: Crestliner

In the age of digital we sometimes think that traditional forms of media are dead. Though we agree that the popularity of traditional media is decreasing we believe that print media is still an important way to reach a wide audience of potential consumers. We helped Crestliner develop a print media buy campaign featuring a run of 6 different advertisement in 20 different publications nationwide for the first 5 months of 2016. We built the strategy of key numbers of performance across the U.S and Canada. After identifying areas of strength and weakness we targeted the right publications to reach our target audiences. We managed all communications with publications as well as all creative development. A few of the ads from the 2016 Print Media buy can be seen below. 


October 2015

Client: Crestliner Boats

A website is the face of your brand in the rapidly growing digital world. Consumers flock to your site to find information about your products to help make a purchasing decision and to interact with your brand on a personal level. That being said it is important for a website to be easy for the user to navigate and they must get something more than just product information. With an all-new lineup of Model Year 2016 boats fresh off the production line it was time for us to update the website with new boat information and images as well as website enhancements designed to make a better user experience. After we updated each model page with new images and boat information we took a deeper look at how the consumer uses the site and identified areas where we could eliminate steps and make it easier to navigate from model to model. On top of making the entire site easier to use and responsive for mobile and tablet viewing, we also added a boat selector tool which was designed to help anyone from the first time boat buyer to the seasoned boater identify which model fits their needs. We then gave users a boat builder tool that allows them to select a model and customize it to their needs including floor plan, color, options, engine, and trailers. Sine the implementation of the site we have heard a lot of praise from our client and the site has been consistently rated as one of the top in the industry. Check out the site here.


November 2015

Client: Crestliner Boats

In the boating industry the majority of all new boat sales occur at a dealership, making it important for dealers to have a strong representation of your brand on their showroom floor. We developed a full line of Point-of-Purchase materials for Crestliner to offer their network of dealers worldwide. We began by mapping out the path of the consumer to the dealership and identifying the touch points within the dealership. After we had identified the ideal locations to brand we developed a list of POP materials (off the shelf and custom) that would help make an impression on the consumer and increase sales. Once the materials were selected we designed a creative look & feel for the line to ensure consistency among all pieces. The creative was targeted toward the serious fisherman with confident statements directly tied to time spent out on the water. After the design was set we managed the entire production run and distribution of 140 kits to the worldwide network of dealers. Since hitting the showroom floors we have received positive feedback from dealers and continue to see dealer sales increase. Some pieces the collection can be seen below.


November 2015

Client: Sparkling Ice

A hometown favorite in Seattle, WA. Sparkling Ice was looking for a way to give back to the loyal fans of Seattle and more importantly the Seahawks Faithful, also known as the 12's for their influence at home games at CenturyLink Field. Shortly after finalizing a deal with the Seattle Seahawks and securing a 200 square feet footprint inside CenturyLink fields Touchdown City Pre-game area we were contacted to help bring this space to life. We were tasked with creating a kick-ass photo booth that would make the fans feel like they were part of the team and give them a chance to try the wide variety of flavors offered by Sparkling Ice. We thought of key game time moments and identified the initial charge out of the tunnel as the ultimate experience for fans. After gathering photography from the tunnel with the team coming out we created a huge 10' x 10' truss system with a backdrop that made you feel like you were in the stadium. Pair that with real field turf and a photo booth with social sharing and printing capabilities and you have an instant engagement piece for the loyal fans that have come to celebrate the hawks, we even had Seahawks great Marcus Trufant at every activation to pose with fans. The activation was set up for all 9 home games of the 2015/2016 season and allowed fans to take home a photo that made them feel like part of the team. It also allowed sparkling ice to sample to an entirely new group of core consumers who wouldn't normally purchase the beverage. 

Consumers were invited into the Touchdown City activation to sample some Sparkling Ice and to have their picture taken with Seahawks legend Marcus Trufant. They could then share the photos on their social channels and receive a print to take home. 

Consumers were invited into the Touchdown City activation to sample some Sparkling Ice and to have their picture taken with Seahawks legend Marcus Trufant. They could then share the photos on their social channels and receive a print to take home. 


May 2015

Client: Crestliner Boats

Location: Table Rock Lake, MO & Cass Lake, MN

This year I had the opportunity to work with the Crestliner Boat Company to coordinate and manage a photo and video shoot production for the new Model Year lineup. This year is special as it marks the 70th Anniversary of the company so we wanted to make sure what we captured was special. We split the production into two shoots, the first was in Table Rock Lake in Southern Missouri and was focused on the southern line of Mod-V boats. The second shoot was in Northern Minnesota on Cass Lake and the Deep-V boats were the focus. As the producer for the shoots I was responsible for coordinating the entire shoot including developing the shot list and run of show for the entire week, booking locations fit for our production needs, booking photographers and videographers to join our team, securing talent for each shot and managing the entire team of 15+ on-site. Photo shoots can be extremely taxing on the body, working 18 hour days for a full week in the hot sun takes a lot out of you. In the end we got a lot of great content for the new model year. The assets collected at this years shoots will be used in all marketing collateral for the 2016 Model year including the website, digital ads, brochure, POP materials and more. The video below was shot at this years photo shoots and was used at the 2015 Dealer Meeting Celebration to highlight the heritage that comes with 70 years in business.


Oct. 2013 - Sept. 2015

The Penguin Feet roof rack is a soft, removable roof rack system designed to transport a wide variety of outdoor sporting goods. Penguin Feet was an idea that was developed within the walls of the Entrepreneurship Department during my senior year of college. I was taking a year long Entrepreneurship class designed to give students a chance to create and operate a real business. After months of ideation I had identified the problem I wanted to tackle: transporting outdoor sports equipment with a small vehicle. As an avid snowboarder I was often finding myself having to sacrifice friends for equipment when heading to the mountain. I looked  into purchasing a hard roof rack system but after being quoted at $500+ I knew there had to be an easier way. I put together a team of 10 board sport enthusiasts and we hit the drawing board. After numerous prototypes built out of cut up yoga mats, foam blocks and webbing straps we had a design to take to manufacturers.

We secured a local manufacturer in January of 2014 and had a run of 50 units complete by Mid-march. We built a website and quickly mapped out a network of retailers we targeted for sales. Near the end of May 2014 we had signed 6 retail partners and sold all 50 units. We immediately made another order of 50 units while we searched for an international supplier to produce in order to increase margins. After finding a manufacturer in China and producing some new prototypes we began looking for additional funding to make an order. Around this same time I had started my full-time job at SixSpeed. After running into some challenges working full-time and trying to run a start up we decided to offer the company up for sale. At this point we had sold out of all 100 units we had produced and had built a solid reputation for a high quality product. It didn't take long for us to attract a few potential buyers. After a couple months of negotiations we sold Penguin Feet and moved on. The company is still in business and is preparing to make a large production run and build sales nationally through an extensive dealer network. 

See more at penguin-feet.com